There’s Nothing Like a Great Debate

By Andrew L. Pate

I don't know why I do it. But I do it anyway. I forget, at convenient times, how much we Texans like a good battle. Of any kind, fist fight, gun fight, word spat. You name it, we aim to be there.

And we can be for either side, which explains why our collegians are so good at debating; doesn't matter which side the debaters from Texas must defend, they can argue for it in often winning fashion.

All of which applies to our current (2023) political madness. Most Texas Trumpites are with their hero to the bitter end, or to the sweet end, if luck should intervene.

The critics  claim that Texas Trumpites are anarchists, fascists and out-right Nazis.

The critics are wrong. Texans could be anti-Trump or anti-facist if and when they need to be. Right now, they feel Trump is being ganged up on and in need of defenders; so we Texans go along, and with enthusiasm.

Check me out, tonight. In Waco, Texas Trumpites will be there in full force, debating as peaceful citizens of course.

Please do not ask me how all this is going to turn out. I don't know. And I doubt any other Texan, or non-Texan, knows, to be honest.
But however things turn our, believe this: We Texans will be there to argue about who won.

And what fun that will be!

3/25/23, College Station