By Andrew L. Pate

The Southern Way of Living that supposedly was "Gone with the Wind," in Margaret Mitchell's classic book, and later, Oscar winning movie.--it is still very much with us, but with a radically new appearance, mainly that of New York Bronx product Donald J. Trump.

Trump has captured the imaginations of those across the land who still yearn for "the Southern Way' in which slaves were owned by wealthy plantation owners.  And as of this date, Trump is the undisputed leader among those seeking the Republican nomination to run for president in 2024.

The Trump "Wind" has benefitted no doubt from his Bronx bluster and his "questionable" but widespread   reputation for being a wheeler-dealer capable of bringing about amazing results.

The basic directions of this New Wind are at least four:

#1 - Toward Blatant Racism - Trump's rallies are attended predominately by Whites, with a few token Blacks throem into to soften the image;

#2 -Toward Equally Blatant Nationalism - Trumpites delight in the notion of "the Wall" and all that it exemplifies, the closing of our Southern border to immigrants from anywhere'

#3 -Toward Total Scorn for Modern Educators. - Trumpian disciples have little use for educators who staunchly supported the Civil Rights movement and the blowing away of the Southern Way of Living.;and lastly, but far from the least.  this New Wind blows

#4 - Toward "Evangelical" Christianity, in which are contained the original religious justifications for the Southern Way.

For those among us who wish to block this New Wind, the challenges are indeed great:  To succeed. we must blow back in more powerful ways than our opponents and distinctly offer directions that will, indeed, provide greater equality and justice for all Americans, regardless of their heritages, race, religion or national origin.

Let's Go with the Blow Back, it says here!

"Frankly, Donald, we don't give a damn!"