Responding with Power to Mass Killers

by Andrew L. Pate Jr

Killing elementary children is more than a horrific tragedy.  It is a clarion call for us, the concerned and loyal citizens of the USA,  to respond with integrity and power, with enough action, that is,  to ensure that future killers will think, not twice, but as many times as necessary before executing their headline-grabbing intentions.

To date, we (all Americans)  have been embarrassingly meek in our response.  No, that's not stating reality accurately enough.   We have responded like the cowards we have become, introverted timid souls who have clearly forgotten how to respond to great evil.

The killings have repeated and repeated. .  The responsibility for our stopping them has intensified with each one. .   So the time has come:   We the people, the good people.  our demands must be heard and our goals achieved legally and permanently.

Here's how:

#1 - We the people - can, and we must exert greater control over who buys the automatic rifles,   Every buyer must be identified, and be of age 21 or older.  Also, every buyer's name must be widely publicized at the time of purchase.

#2 - We must identify and expose potential killers.  They are the loners, the social misfits, of any age, but mostly age 21 or younger.    Our high schools should identify these troubled individuals early and  make their names and locations known to every public safety officer as well as to all the  residents in the  communities where the potential killers live.; and

#3  - We must use our common sense to modify our allegiance to the second amendment, which is but 1 of 27.   Can we control that allegiance?  That is my question.

If you agree. let's go.  If you disagree, show me/us where we are wrong.


College Station, June 2, 2022