In All Seriousness! The Time Has Come!

By Andrew L. Pate

Fellow Americans, all who hold fast to the grand  tenets of our Democracy as supported by our respective faiths: The Time has come for us to repeat what we told the rest of the nation in 2020: We cannot, we WILL NOT tolerate another four years of Donald Trump and his sick racism, which set us back almost a century, but which we did not allow to stand.

I pledged in 2016, as did most of us who see in the mirror clearly, to do everything I could to see to it that Trump would not be reelected in 2020. We won. Hallelujah!

But Trump and his sickness are still around, seeking once again to dismantle the positive steps our country took in the last half of the 20th century to assure equality and justice for all people regardless of race, color, sexual orientation,  national origin, or religion.

We must do it again. Individually, we may be just a voice; but together we can do what needs to be done.  We will.  For WE are doing the right thing.

It's that simple.  Sadly, too many Americans have not received the message; they are content to wallow in their sickness with Trump.  We must wake them up to what we know to be the reality our God wants for us all.