Andy Pate

We the people, we must demand it of our news media. "Cease! Cease barraging us with evil! Stop looking so hard to explain how and why everything is going so badly!"

I am but a drop in an ocean of evil obsession with everything despicable.  But I have a voice! No longer will I support media who hour after hour inundate us with bad news. For, I will shout out in every place I can, "Turn! Turn now from your  illicit affair with danger, death and destruction!"

And "affair" is the right word. The news media have broken their trust with us, their willing gluttons for bad news.  Literally, the news media have "screwed up" everything  holy and sacred in the beautiful world our gracious God has given us.

Creator God, embdrace us anew with your comforting love. Give us thousands of hugs of kindness for every bad word or photo we see and hear broadcast.

For us to be worthy of such blessedness, let me repeat, we the people, we must change our focus, turn away from our desire to cozy up to that which is horrible and bind ourselves anew to that which is forever hopeful and inspiring.

Yes, give us civility, Creator God, not because we've earned it, but that we may do the natural thing/

We of the church, we must lead the way. We must bring to an abrupt halt our bickerings over who's right and who's wrong and, instead, engage ourselves in mutual disourse on how to love God and others as ourselves.

All of the above is, of course,  meaningless if we fail to make permanent our transition away from evil toward fulfillment in sharing portions of heaven on earth.

True, we cannot return to the innocence of the Garden of Eden. But we can take great delight in trying to go back there on occasion as we move forward to the New Heaven and the New Earth our God has promised us.


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