Daily Devotion – 8 February ’23


The numbers keep climbing telling us over 10,000 people were killed in the mighy earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria last week.

How on earth did it happen?  We don't really know, not yet, and perhaps never will.

But the tragedy is a powerful reminder of the unpredictable in Mother Nature.  She is her own boss and she decides when things will happen.

But we can prepare, by building safer buildings, by learning more about the signs of an impending earthquake, giving time for the people in danger to search for safer ground.

Most importantly, however, is our need to help the people affected as best we can, with money, with food, with necessary supplies, in so far as we are able.

And we can always show sympathy and offer our prayers on behalf of the millions affected.

May God bless and be with the people of Syria And Turkey as they endeavor to recover from a terrible tragedy.  May we help them in every way we can.  And be ready to welcome the suffering into our presence as it may be.   May God be with you always.   AMEN

Pastor Andy