Daily Devotion – 3 March

"I was wrong."

I don't say that very often; and despise doing so when I must make the admission.

I don't think I'm any different from most people.  And, yes, we should have confidence in what we have learned about life; but sometimes we read things wrongly, then the thing to do is to admit it.

It's hard, very hard.

But to do so is redemptive.  Admitting a mistake opens us up to new insight, and one that is probably much more accurate.

If I had but one wish, it likely would be to hope that we all might be better able to admit that we've been wrong.

My college Sociology teacher, Gideon Sjoberg (who later became quite famous), defined ethnocentrism for us:  "The notion that the main street of the world runs through your home town."

That hurt.  He was right.  And I was guilty.  Still am probably.

The main street of the world continues to run through my hometown, Refugio, Texas; but it doesn't stop there; it encircles the earth and loves everything beautiful along the way.