"Sons learn what their fathers teach them: to be kind, thoughtful, loving, and mindful."

My father, born this day in 1906 (correction), was a complex but lovable man.  His greatest gift was that he had a grand way with small children:  they loved him.

Also, he was a good businessman who was devoted to the community in which he and Mom raised me and my older sister.

Two things stand out now:

#1 - I should have shown more love and respect toward him than I did when he was alive.  I did, but not nearly as much as I should have.

#2 - His strenghts, I continue to covet and wish they were stronger in me.

How fortunate I was, to have had two loving parents, something that is increaasingly rare.

May we all pledge to be better parents, and better able to establish love as the foundation of our lives.

Pastor Andy

February 22, 2023