I am not a Buddhist or a Muslim.  I am a Christian.  But I do believe that Buddha, Mohammed and Jesus have much in common; and that  we should center our thinking about the world’s problems on that with which we agree.

I am for Peace in the world.  So are Buddhists and Muslims.  And for that matter, so are millions of people of other religions and/or do not have any religious identification at all.

I am for “reasoning together”.   Regardless of our different backgournds, we are human beings with the ability to o think, decide and create opporutnities .

I am for unlimited forgiveness.   Holding on to the desire for revenge only cripples us and makes our problems worse.

I am for the children of the world, for as Jesus said, “Of such is the Kingdom of God."

I know of no major religion or human-interested way of thinking that would disagree.

God Bless us all!

Andrew L. Pate, Jr.