3A Contenders Emerging, But the Title Chases Are Wide Open

By Longhorn Putt

September 19, 2021 -  As I did yesterday for the two divisions of 2A, let me here do the same semi-final projections for 3A.

For 3AD1, here are my candidates to be the four semifinalists:  Region I, Bushland; Region II, Mount Vernon; Region III, Franklin; Refugio 4, Columbus.

I see the 3AD2 semi-finalists with less clarity:  Either Wall or Littlefield out of Region I; Holliday or Gunter, Region II; Edgewood or Newton, Region III; and Lexington, as the Region IV semifinalist.

But the semifinals are 3 months away.  I could be wrong on all counts.

Bushland Falcons, one of 2022's Biggest Surprises.