Mr. President, Please Take Better Care of Your Health

11 August 2019

Dear Donald:

Thank you for your efforts to make America great again.  But I must tell you.  I am concerned about your health.  You appear to be gaining too much weight.  You're not doing little things as well as you used to, like reading a speech from a teleprompter.  And of greatest concern to me—you keep repeating yourself in your public comments as well as in your tweets.  In other words, from where I sit, you're coming  across as in a "fixated" state, as one losing the ability to be flexible in thought and action, an attribute we both know to be critically important for your success. ("Fighting Back" is mental rigidity, not a flexibility.)

If these matters are of personal concern to you, and I hope they are, then perhaps you will listen well to my suggestions as to what you can do to fit  yourself for a longer life, even after the presidency.

#1 - You could resign, and hand the reigns of governing over to VP Pence.  This may well be the healthiest thing you could do for yourself and your family, though I fully do not expect you to take this step; so

#2 - Do 10 minutes of aerobic exercise daily.  Golf is a great sport and it's a good thing that you're enjoying the links, but you need to walk the courses and walk fast for as long as you can, to increase your heartbeat.  If you can do this regularly and gradually increase the time doing it, you will find yourself doing more interesting things while also finding greater satisfaction in your work.

#3 - Watch your diet; eat more foods with L-Tyro-sine in them, such as chicken, turkey, fish, nuts, cheese and bananas.

#4 - Instead of tweeting upon awakening every morning, spend 15-20 minutes in meditation about yourself and the events of the day, even if this means sharing your thoughts only with yourself. You will be more refreshed for whatever the day brings.

#5 - If you're not already taking Omega-3 tabs, start immediately.  (I have a few years on you and have been taking them for about 10 years. The results have been terrific. )

If you're able to follow closely 3 or 4 of these suggestions you should begin to feel better about yourself very soon, become more open to new ideas and less likely to fret so about the little things that irritate you.

Good luck, Mr. President.  We need you to be healthy.





Andrew Pate

The author of this letter has been a minister and counselor for over five decades.  He holds four degrees, including the Th.D in Christian theology, with extensive training in pastoral counseling.  Dr. Pate (84) resides with his wife Carol in central Texas and also pastors a small congregation.