Ignorance: Ignoring the Truth Is Killing Us

By Pastor Andy

We will likely die from it, in which closing out our ways of living we will not recognize the illness itself.  For that is what it is:  zero insight.

Every day we Americans deceive themselves-- Democrats, Republicans, Independents, straights, gays, whatever.   Things can’t really be that bad., we pretend..   But  they are.  Our democracy lies prostate and breathing heavily, and worse,  we're all suffering from the same disease, alienated from one another perhaps as badly as at the onset of the Civil War in 1861.   We can’t agree on much of anything.  And when we do, it’s only temporary.  Whang! Bang!  We are at it again.

Massive ignorance, it’s killing us day by day, hour by hour.

The evidence abounds:   we witness an insurrection and call it a peaceable demonstration.  We know up close the dangers of climate change, yet we choose to do nothing..   Young men randomly kill innocent children and others, with rifles much too easy to acquire and use; and we say, "So what!"  Just pay for the rifle!  That’ll do you.

We pretend that there will be no lasting effects from the sexual misdeeds of our ministers and scout leaders.  We delight in playing around with our self-deceptions, "They’re wrong, I am right," we declare with the boldness of an idiot.   "They’re traitors, I’m not"    "And those PhDs, they don’t know a damn thing!"

In short, we have come to love stupidity more than we love the Truth.  This is America 2022.

Still doubt we’re sick?

Well, consider the next election;  most of us will vote blind, without any verification whatsoever that we are voting for honest people who will do the very best they can.

If you can’t see that, try looking into your own mind.  What makes you so sure that you know everything there is to know?

You can’t answer, because you are, like I am,  too satisfied with your own “superior” ignorance.

Think this a stupid article?  You're absolutely right!




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