Daily Devotional – 10 January 2023


Admittedly, some folks love to complain.  But most people simply want to be hale and hearty, physically and mentally able, that is, to confront and deal with the tasks required of them.

Donald Trump Vector Illustration Caricature Portrait vector illustrationOur chief complaint perhaps ought to be in our confession that we are not "hale and hearty," therefore we are a very unhappy people, too many of us.

In response, our faith teaches us that happiness is more of a process than it is a fixed state.

Helllfire and Brimstone Preacher stock illustration Happiness we pursue, always going after it for ourselves and for others.

What are we to do?

A first step would be to rethink what we mean by happiness.  Hebrews (11)  says, "Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Knowing  that in this life we will never fully arrive, we gladly  and willingly continue in our pursuit.

Our lesson reminds us "to keep on keeping on" and never surrender to despair.  Such is wellness in us.

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David Vilva Ramirez

God, help me to walk in the light of Your truth. !