America’s Great Awakening – #3

By Andrew L. Pate, Jr.

It’s not entirely discernible, not yet.  But it’s happening.  America, the United States in particular, is in the beginnings of a powerful Spiritual renewal that holds the promise of far-reaching impact.

The signs:

#1 = The Media’s consistent rejection of violence and their equally consistent advocation of the rebirth of America’s steadfast commitment to justice and equality.

#2 – The speaking up of too-long silent clergy in every religion - Christian, Jewish, Muslim and others -  in the passionate advocation of Peace throughout the world.

#3 – The forthright and absolute rejection by these Awakening spokespersons of politicians who have exploited weaknesses in the American conscious in order to achieve personal gain for themselves; and

#4 – The emerging rebirth of Christian values, namely, Christlike compassion for the poor and downtrodden, and renewed commitments to the forthright rejection of untruth and equally strong rejections of the fake conspiracies promoted by persons of influence.

The Awakening is, to be sure, in its early stages, its leadership not clearly identifiable though the names of its current leaders are mostly already known; for they are in the public eye known for their “spiritual” views and promotion of the commonality of the humankind.


“Jumping on the bandwagon” identity can already be recognized.  For there is a sharing of purpose and a unifying message among the Awakeners:  Peace is the goal, and the constructive ways to get there are the message.

There is a widespread “movement”  feeling to be added, of course, as with any movement labeled “spiritual," which feeling is one of collective  Gratitude, thankfulness for life itself!

May our Great Reawakening never by silenced.  Amen and Amen.





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